Doug Edwards – New Environment, New Opportunities

From 1999-2005 Doug Edwards was the Director of Brand Management for Google. He says that a radical change of environment can refresh your perspective and create opportunity.
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I think you need to put yourself in an opportunity-rich environment, and if you tend to stay in one place for a very long time you know where the opportunities are, you can cultivate them, and you can work in an incremental way towards realizing them.  Whereas, if you put yourself in a completely new situation where you’re not as comfortable and you really have to engage everything with a new perspective, I think that creates more opportunity for you. 

it was clear to me that the Internet was going to be the next medium, and I wanted to find a way to become directly involved in that.  And it wasn’t so much that Google struck me as the singular opportunity that I needed to pursue . . . I really believed that they would be out of business within a year,  just because a lot of startups failed, most startups fail.

I had enough confidence that I could go back to a traditional media company and take my experience and become their in-house Internet expert.  So I wasn’t too worried that Google would go out of business.  The problem is Google never went out of business.  They just kept racking up success after success.  So there never came a point where I said “oh well, now’s the time for me to leave because they’re clearly going to fail.”

I really didn’t have a lot of time to think about it because I was so busy every day with new challenges and I was so engaged in what I was doing that it never really occurred to me, I don’t think at any point during the time I was at Google, that I should think about another job.