Donald Rubin on Art and Spirituality

Donald Rubin is Co-Founder of the Rubin Museum of Art and Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees. He also serves as the museum’s CEO. Shelley and Donald Rubin started collecting Himalayan art in the early 1970s and amassed a large and significant collection, a major portion of which was given to the museum to seed its nascent collection. He was the founder of MultiPlan, Inc., a major general service PPO health provider. He serves on the board of The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and is a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle.

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Question: How does art influence what you believe?

Rubin:    It’s just not Buddhism.  It’s Hinduism because we have Hindu works.  We have Bon, B-O-N.  We did a big show of Bon Art.  We did a show comparing Chinese painting with Tibetan painting.  So, it is my belief structure is that the art is really my belief, the spirituality coming out of the art.  I think I’m a much better person for it.  I think I’m a much more compassionate and understanding person, but I am not basically what I would consider a religious person.  And I don’t consider myself a Buddhist.  I feel like I have a Buddhist soul, but I don’t have a Buddhist Guru or a Lama Guru.