Daniel Goleman Lobbies for Radical Transparency

Psychologist and Science Journalist
The author sees radical transparency as a sustainable way forward in a smart consumer economy.
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Question: What is the most transformational idea in ecological intelligence?

Daniel Goleman: Well, I think that in terms of ecological intelligence, the big idea is radical transparency.  Radical transparency is presenting to individuals the previously hidden impacts of the things they buy and do and giving them choice at that moment.  And it’s radical because it traces those impacts across the multitude of environmental, health, and social impacts.  And also, does it in a way where you can pair choices and can make a choice that makes a difference.  So I think radical transparency is the big idea.  Good Guide is an example of radical transparency, Skin Deep also.  That’s the big idea there.  I think the big idea in emotional intelligence is, you know, that there’s another very important way to be smart in life.