Rishi Jaitly
Market Director, South & Southeast Asia at Twitter

Creating Full Citizenship

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Creating full citizenship isn't about getting people from 0 to 60. It's about everything in between. If 60 is voting and most people are at 10, Rishi Jaitly says it is essential to nurture early stage behavior, and even make citizenship into something that is sexy.

Rishi Jaitly

Rishi Jaitly has spent his career using the Internet to advance citizenship around the world. He is currently Market Director, South & Southeast Asia at Twitter. Previously, he was Director of the Knight Foundation's philanthropy in Detroit; co-founder and chair of Michigan Corps, a new service platform enabling Michiganders to lead change through the web; and co-founder of Kiva Detroit, America's first online microlending initiative. Earlier in his career, Rishi led public-private partnerships for Google in South Asia. At Google, Rishi also supported Google Chairman Eric Schmidt with strategic communications.