Anne-Marie Slaughter on a League of Democracies

Anne-Marie Slaughter says no to a specific league.
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Slaughter:    No.  Obama should not seek a League of Democracies, and the way the McCain camp put out the League of Democracies, it was pretty clearly intended as an alternative to the United Nations.  I and John Ikenberry and other Democrats had also talked about a Concert of Democracies, a Caucus of Democracy, some group that engage democracies beyond the West, because our point was right now we talk about democracies, we think about the EU, Japan, the US.  But India, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, these are counties that are all democracies and it shouldn’t be seen as the West versus the rest.  This should be seen as countries from every part of the world, with every culture, religion in the world have been able to govern themselves.  That’s a very important message to send.