One need not read all 145 pages of the SOPA and PIPA bills to understand the debate in Washington DC. Big Think has provided a brief guide to the issue for your convenience. 

Legislative Overview & Supporting and Opposing Interest Groups provides a great summary of the legislation, its status in Congress, as well as links to news and blogs. The site also features a comprehensive list of interest groups who have supported and opposed the legislation and more information pertaining to the "money trail." 


Below are five definitive, plain-language guides to the issue, the arguments, and implications of the legislation.

Jonathan Zittrain

The Economist

Wall Street Journal 

New York Times

PC World


Pictures and opinions from the January, 18 2012 SOPA and PIPA online protest:

BBC 1 2 

Talking Points Memo



These links offer a more in-depth look into the argument and the legal justifications for and against SOPA and PIPA. 


The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation


Stanford Law Review Online