In 1991, there was the so-called "Carville primary," notes Al Hunt in Bloomberg. Before any votes were cast or counted, all of the Democratic candidates "vied for the services of the hottest political consultant, James Carville." As Hunt predicts, "the equivalent this time might be the Teddy Goff primary."

That's right. Goff is the social media rock star who served as Digital Director of Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Here's what he did this past cycle:

-Raised over $690 million online
-Generated more than 133 million video views
-Built a Facebook fanbase of 45 million people
-Built a Twitter following of 33 million people 

While these numbers might seem out of this world, Goff will be appearing on Big Think to discuss how the lessons of digital politics can be applied, albeit in smaller scale, to your life or your business.

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