Remember that map that compares the GDP of individual U.S. states with entire countries? (If you don't: #864). It provides a stark reminder of the size of the American economy, by many measurements still the biggest in the world. But an equally impressive map can be drawn of China – the world's second-largest and rapidly growing economy. 

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are the only three names likely to figure on the very short list of Chinese cities that most non-Chinese can name. But, as this map demonstrates, there are quite a few cities more in China with GDPs that measure up to the economies of sizeable independent nations. 

Switzerland has about the economic size of Guangzhou. Chile that of Chongqing. And Angola that of Ningbo. Even if those names have a less than familiar ring today, their economic might predicts that we'll hear more of them in the future. 

The basis for this map was Chinese regional GDP (PPP) for 2015, in billions of U.S. dollars. In all, 35 cities are mentioned (scroll down for full list). While most people have heard of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong (and some might even be able to pinpoint them on the map), few people will be able to identify cities like Wuxi, Qingdao or Tangshan, despite the fact that they have economies similar to those of Morocco, Hungary and New Zealand, respectively. 

#1 Shanghai Philippines

#2 Beijing U.A.E.

#3 Guangzhou Switzerland

#4 Shenzhen Sweden

#5 Tianjin Romania

#6 Suzhou Austria

#7 Chongqing Chile

#8 Hong Kong Peru

#9 Wuhan Israel

#10 Chengdu Norway

#11 Hangzhou Greece

#12 Nanjing Denmark

#13 Wuxi Morocco

#14 Qingdao Hungary

#15 Changsha Sri Lanka

#16 Dalian Finland

#17 Foshan Uzbekistan

#18 Ningbo Angola

#19 Shenyang Sudan

#20 Zhengzhou $210 Ecuador

#21 Tangshan New Zealand

#22 Dongguan Ethiopia

#23 Yantai Belarus

#24 Jinan Azerbaijan

#25 Nantong Slovakia

#26 Changchun $163 Dominican Republic

#27 Xi'an Kenya

#28 Fuzhou Tanzania

#29 Harbin Bulgaria

#30 Hefei Tunisia

#31 Shijiazhuang $156 Guatemala

#32 Xuzhou Ghana

#33 Changzhou $147 Serbia

#34 Wenzhou Croatia

#35 Zibo Panama

If reading that list leaves you somewhat bewildered, it helps to know that many of those high-performing Chinese cities do not exist in isolation; in fact, a lot of names on the above list can be found of this map, of three megaregions clustering on the coast: 



Well, at least that'll help us sort out Changzhou (Yangtze River Delta) from Guangzhou (Pearl River Delta) in future. 


Map found here on V, a media website that creates and curates visual content on investing and business.

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