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59 – A German Map of the Empire of Love

January 9, 2007, 11:04 AM

In the 18th century, sentimental cartography was very much à la mode, with this map as one of the finer examples. ‘Das Reich der Liebe’ (‘the Empire of Love’) by Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, was published in Leipzig in 1777. In a brief explanatory, it describes how pilgrims set out from the Land of Youth, where are located the sources of the rivers Joy and Wish and may end up in any of six other countries.

Below the map is a listing of the place-names in German and an attempt at English translation (I’m open to suggestions for more adequate translations!): 

lovemap1.gif  Das Reich der Liebe -The Empire of LoveZweyter Landchartensatz-Versuch - Second Attempt at Map-makingLAND DER JUGEND                                  LAND OF YOUTH

  • Der Liebeswald                            The Forest of Love
  • Küssfeld                                     Kiss Field
  • Tändelspiel                                 Flirting Game
  • Reizenstein                                 Charm Castle
  • Fluss der Wünsche                       Stream of Wishes
  • Sorgenlos                                   Worry-Free
  • Freudenheim                               Joy’s Home
  • Schönhausen                              Beautiful House
  • Quell der Freuden                         Source of Joy
  • Süsserblick                                 Sweet Look
    Witzingen                                   Wisecrack Place
  • Reichenbach                                Rich River
  • Warnungsstein                             Warning Castle

LAND DER RUHE                                         LAND OF REST

  • Schlafmütze                                Nightcap
  • Grossvaterstadt                           Grandfather City
  • Gleichmuth                                  Equanimity
  • Mannesinn                                  Manly Place


  • Wuthheim                                   Anger’s Home
  • Thränenfluss                               Flood of Tears
  • Grillenberg                                  Whim Mountain
  • Thränenbach                               River of Tears
  • Klagenhöle                                  Complaint Place
  • Das hoffnungslose Gebürge            Hopeless Mountains
  • Verachtung                                 Loathing
  • Strenge                                      Strict Place
  • Morass des Tiefsinss                     Swamp of Profundity
  • Werthershain                               Werther’s Grove
  • Wüste der Schwermuth                 Desert of Melancholy

LAND DER LÜSTE                                        LAND OF LUST

  • Krankenthal                                 Illness Valley
  • Schwachheim                              Weak Home
  • Taumelsfeld                                Intoxication Field
  • Der Schwalgerfluss                       Smoking River (?)
  • Sinnenlust                                  Lechery
  • Lazareth                                     Hospital


  • Lustwald                                              Lust Wood
  • Erhörung                                              Answered Prayers
  • Fröhliche Aussicht                                  Pleasant View
  • Genuss                                                Enjoyment
  • Zärtlichkeit                                           Tenderness
  • Gute Zeit                                             Good Times
  • Gunsthoff                                             Affection Farm
  • Sättigung                                             Satisfaction
  • Wahre Liebe                                         True Love
  • Berg der Einwilligung                               Compliance Mountain
  • Freudensbronn                                      Fountain of Joy
  • Kinderseegen                                        Quiverful of Children
  • Ehstandshafen                                      Marriage Harbour
  • Stadt der Belohnung                               Reward City
  • Wonnestadt                                          Bliss Town
  • Seelenruh                                             Peace of Mind
  • Feststadt                                             Party Town
  • Vergnügtes Hölzgen                               Joyful Wood

LAND DER HAGESTOLZE                                       BACHELOR COUNTRY

  • Dummheidsdorf                                      Stupidity Town
  • Korbgebe                                             Rejection Place
  • Aergerniss                                            Irritation
  • Kaltsinn                                               Indifference
  • Verachtungsau                                      Place of Contempt
  • Eckel                                                   Reprehensibility
  • Gebürge des Alters                                 Old Age Mountains 
  • Scheidung                                            Separation
  • Hass                                                   Hate
  • Unwill                                                  Obstinacy
  • Zänkershall                                           Wrangler Hall
  • Verdrüssliche Heide                                Exasperation Heath
  • Todtenweilern                                       Hamlet of Death
  • Meer der Verzweiflung                            Sea of Doubt 

LAND DER FIXEN IDEEEN                                     LAND OF OBSESSIONS

  • Seufzerslur                                           Place of Sighs
  • Verlangenau                                         Desire Town
  • Unruh                                                  Unrest
  • Stadt der Träume                                  City of Dreams
  • Brücke der Hoffnung                               Bridge of Hope
  • Untreu                                                 Disloyalty
  • Süsser Thränenbach                               Sweet River of Tears
  • Triebstädtel                                          Little Town of Instincts

59 – A German Map of the Em...

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