August 15

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Thursday’s Big Idea

Today's Big Idea: Idea Entrepreneurship

With the increasing compression and rapid, widespread dissemination of ideas across the internet has arisen the phenomenon of the "idea entrepreneur" – part of a zeitgeist exemplified by TED, Big Think,  the Aspen Ideas Festival, and the popularity of authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Thomas Friedman, and (until recently) Jonah Lehrer. 

John Butman, author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas has been tracking the rise of the successful idea entrepreneur and learning what makes her tick:She's not motivated by greed. She communicates not only the content, but also her passion for the idea. And she knows how to build an organization that can allow the idea to grow and sustain itself long after she's gone. 

  1. 1 Ideas are the New Widgets
  2. 2 How Entrepreneurship Is Like Acting
  3. 3 Social Entrepreneurship With Grandma
  4. 4 Ideas, Wow!
  1. Ideas are the New Widgets

    Ideas are the New Widgets

    Do you know what a “tiger mom” is? Does the phrase “the tipping point” immediately bring Malcolm Gladwell to mind? “Idea entrepreneurs,” argues John Butman, are a new and influential breed, driven primarily by passion for an idea and the desire to spread it.

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  2. How Entrepreneurship Is Like Acting

    How Entrepreneurship Is Like Acting

    Entrepreneurship, like theater, requires you to imagine something that doesn't exist. Hollywood star Jeffrey Wright explains how his training on the stage prepared him to found a mineral company and non-profit in Sierra Leone.

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  3. Social Entrepreneurship With Grandma

    Social Entrepreneurship With Grandma

    Maitri, Petya, Deni and Monika, all in their mid 20s, thought that it was a shame how the granny knitting talent is going to waste and decided that Bulgarian babas ought to take their deserved place in the world as the “knitting gurus” that they are. 

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  4. Ideas, Wow!

    Ideas, Wow!

    California-based TED is perhaps the most visible of the groups that are leading the crossover of ...

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