May 14

Extreme Biology

Tuesday’s Big Idea

Medical Ecology

The study of the human microbiome is a fast emerging field of scientific endeavor, driven by the idea that we need to rethink our relationship to the 100 trillion microbes that reside in the human body, and how microbes affect the body's entire ecosystem. Scientists are calling this approach "medical ecology." 

In today's lesson, Kas Thomas points to a recent study that demonstrates how short-lived bacteria can make their way into the bloodstream and in some cases can be the cause of back pain. 

And so, it may sound preposterous, but antibiotics could be used to treat back pain? 

  1. 1 Antibiotics for Back Pain
  2. 2 Got Pain? Get Plastic.
  3. 3 John Cacioppo on Loneliness and t...
  4. 4 Introducing Acupressure
  1. Antibiotics for Back Pain

    Antibiotics for Back Pain

    In some (not all) cases, lower back pain may actually stem from bacterial infection.

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  2. Got Pain? Get Plastic.

    Got Pain? Get Plastic.

    Innovations in materials used for joint replacement allow formerly crippled patients to live-pain fee.

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  3. John Cacioppo on Loneliness and the Body

    John Cacioppo on Loneliness and the Body

    Individuals may experience physical manifestations of their loneliness, says John Cacioppo.

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  4. Introducing Acupressure

    Introducing Acupressure

    The scientist explains how acupressure can alleviate pain and increase alertness.

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