March 23

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The psychologist Madeline Levine has seen the effects of "tiger parenting" or "hyper-parenting," and it's not a pretty picture. Due to the enormous pressure to succeed, children are behaving destructively. 

Levine argues for a different approach that she calls "courageous parenting." If your child hasn't learned to read in kindergarten, don't freak out. You need to embrace the process of learning and developing skills, not just the outcome. In doing so, you will arrive at a different definition of success. Instead of overvaluing the obvious and relatively unimportant life skills that can be measured, courageous parenting focuses instead on cultivating what is really important, yet harder to measure.

This concept, of course, can and should be applied to any adult learner as well. 


  1. 1 How Parenting Became a Blood Sport
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  1. How Parenting Became a Blood Sport

    How Parenting Became a Blood Sport

    We lionize a small group of our kids and push other kids out to the margins. In doing so, we miss tremendous opportunities for them to become contributors to our society.

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  2. Teach Your Child Self-Discipline Without Tiger-Parenting Her To Death

    Teach Your Child Self-Discipline Without Tiger-Parenting Her To Death

    The importance of teaching children self-discipline and the educational power of fun – are also unusually well-supported by science.

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  3. What is Over-Parenting?

    What is Over-Parenting?

    Over-parenting involves doing what your child can do, can almost do and confusing your child's needs with your own.

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  4. What Is Bad Parenting?

    What Is Bad Parenting?

    An expert in adolescent psychology outlines the main features of bad parenting.

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