December 24

Going Mental

Monday’s Big Idea

Today's Big Idea from 21st Century Spirituality

Today Derek Beres considers how the values and morals of yoga affect national policy. 

Yoga as a belief system is useless, as any religion focused solely on beliefs is. Action matters. Policy shifts are part of an action that can affect positive change for the greatest number of Americans. Cultivating a more humane and conscious citizenry that respects all forms of life and the world we live within is a direction yoga points towards. We just need more yogis to take that knowledge off the mat and into office.


  1. 1 Yoga as a Political Tool
  2. 2 Traveling the Yogic Path
  3. 3 Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Helpful ...
  4. 4 What is yoga?
  1. Yoga as a Political Tool

    Yoga as a Political Tool

    Over the last half-century we’ve emphasized physicality over philosophy. Yet a growing contingent of yogis has been asking questions such as: How can we take these ethical, philosophical and moral codes and apply them to our times? 

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  2. Traveling the Yogic Path

    Traveling the Yogic Path

    Sharon Gannon on the new spiritual radicalism.

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  3. Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Helpful Creative Processes

    Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Helpful Creative Processes

    While physical discipline in writing is important, meditation and yoga fall by the wayside during periods of intense creativity.

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  4. What is yoga?

    What is yoga?

    Yoga, which comes from the word "yoke," is the union of the body, mind and the spirit.

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