December 1

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Today's Big Idea: Settled Science

"If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants," Isaac Newton said. In other words, science is based on building blocks. One theory leads to the next. That is why Bill Nye, in a Big Think video that went viral on Youtube, argued that parents should not prevent their children from learning Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, "the foundation of all life science."

Nye says we need today's children to become tomorrow's scientists and engineers. Denial of evolution, therefore, would hold everyone else back. That is why Nye says evolution needs to be regarded as settled science and taught to everyone as part of the 21st century core curriculum.

And yet, teaching evolution is not an easy task. After all, our sense of time -- as measured by our own lifespans -- makes evolution a difficult concept to grasp. We can see it happening in front of us. Therefore, in a follow up to his viral video, Bill Nye shares some of the tools he thinks are most effective in teaching evolution. 

  1. 1 Bill Nye and Pat Robertson Agree ...
  2. 2 Science Versus Faith…Versus Fiction?
  3. 3 Are faith and reason incompatible?
  4. 4 The Fact of Evolution
  1. Bill Nye and Pat Robertson Agree on What?

    Bill Nye and Pat Robertson Agree on What?

    Evolution is by definition a difficult concept to grasp since you can't observe it happening in front of you. Nevertheless, some unlikely converts are coming over to Bill Nye's point of view.   

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  2. Science Versus Faith…Versus Fiction?

    Science Versus Faith…Versus Fiction?

    Why the author of “36 Arguments for the Existence of God” chose fiction as a path into the debate raging between atheists and believers.

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  3. Are faith and reason incompatible?

    Are faith and reason incompatible?

    There is no contradiction between faith and reason.

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  4. The Fact of Evolution

    The Fact of Evolution

    Richard Dawkins corrects what he sees as the specious use of the term "theory" and argues that evolution is indeed as close to a ‘fact’ as anything we’ll ever know.

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