November 30

Earth and Beyond

Friday’s Big Idea

Today's Big Idea: Disruptive Innovation

Is innovation happening at your company? If the answer is no, then why not? Entrepreneur Jack Hidary says the problem might be in the way you incentivize your employees. 

If you offer a bonus structure, for instance, that rewards day-to-day performance, you might very well find that one year from now you will be handing all of your employees a bonus check for performing the very same duties, albeit very well, that they are today.

Progress isn't made by doing the same thing over and over again. It comes from experimenting with new ideas, and Hidary says that's what you need to incentivize. If that is at least part of the reward structure at your company, the innovation that results might go beyond your wildest dreams. 

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  1. A Christmas Bonus For Innovators

    A Christmas Bonus For Innovators

    Should employees be incentivized to deliver high performance on day-to-day tasks? Of course we need that, but 20-30 percent of incentives should be based on "breakthrough new pathways for the company, experiments," says entrepreneur Jack Hidary.   

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  2. Why is Economics Relevant?

    Why is Economics Relevant?

    Sure, economics is about making money. But it's really about human behavior in general. In his Great Big Ideas lecture, University of Chicago professor Saul Levmore looks at the origins and tools of economics.

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  3. Jack Hidary on Visioneering

    Jack Hidary on Visioneering
  4. The Science of Incentives, Motivation and Choking

    The Science of Incentives, Motivation and Choking

    Breakthrough ideas don’t happen overnight. Origins of Species was published in 1859, 28 years after ...

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