November 17

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Saturday’s Big Idea

Today's Big Idea: Panopticism

In the late 18th century prison reformers devised a new model, called the panopticon, that enabled guards to view prisoners without the prisoners knowing whether they were being watched or not. Prisoners therefore had to assume they were always being watched. 

A similar form of mind control exists on the Internet. You have the possibility that the government will obtain your data on the one hand, and the much more pervasive threat that private companies are watching you as well. So how does the knowledge that someone coud be watching you affect your online behavior? 

  1. 1 Big Data is Watching You
  2. 2 The Future of Privacy
  3. 3 Facebook, LinkedIn and Privacy
  4. 4 Naomi Wolf on a Police State in A...
  1. Big Data is Watching You

    Big Data is Watching You

    What do Jeremy Bentham's nineteenth-century prison reforms have to do with David Petraeus and Google's biannual "Transparency Report"?

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  2. The Future of Privacy

    The Future of Privacy

    More and more people are going to make fairly formal calculations to reward spaces and services that offer privacy as an option.

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  3. Facebook, LinkedIn and Privacy

    Facebook, LinkedIn and Privacy

    We have no privacy, and you are not that interesting.

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  4. Naomi Wolf on a Police State in America

    Naomi Wolf on a Police State in America

    Eight years ago, Naomi Wolf would not have believed in the level of surveillance we have today.

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