November 8

Inventing the Future

Thursday’s Big Idea

Today's Big Idea: DIY Urbanism

What is the role of citizen and community input in urban planning? Smart planners aim to empower people in communities in order to ensure the best implementation of a strategy or an idea. 

Meanwhile, some community activists have no use for sitting through public meetings, and simply take matters into their own hands, like spray-painting a crosswalk on their street. Other actions are more comical, others are more creative and still many more are illegal. 

We are talking about DIY Urbanism, a trend in urban theory that is being used in communities across the U.S. The essence of DIY Urbanism is that it happens at the grass roots level, and emphasizes an ethic of self-reliance for the public good. This idea was put into practice by necessity recently in New York City following Hurricane Sandy. In some instances, it may prove to have some lasting benefits. 

  1. 1 Sandy's Legacy: DIY Urbanism
  2. 2 The Next American City
  3. 3 Car-Free Communities Not Catching On
  4. 4 Faster, More Urban, More Diverse
  1. Sandy's Legacy: DIY Urbanism

    Sandy's Legacy: DIY Urbanism

    New York City recently became radicalized out of necessity in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Simply put, when systems broke down, New Yorkers improvised, and took matters into their own hands. 

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  2. The Next American City

    The Next American City

    Enrique Peñalosa explains why we must be radical in reshaping urban space.

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  3. Car-Free Communities Not Catching On

    Car-Free Communities Not Catching On

    King Farm in Rockville, Md., could be an example of 'new urbanism' and 'smart growth' but instead locals are opposing one of the key elements—a central shuttle train.

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  4. Faster, More Urban, More Diverse

    Faster, More Urban, More Diverse

    The changes to our urban and rural areas will reinvent our education system.

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