I think that the Web is the medium for women.  I feel like it plays to all of our strengths.  The Web is about collaboration.  The web is about empathy.  The web is about multitasking.  These are all qualities that women are very good at, so sometimes I think that it's the women wide web. 

Sometimes I think that because I think even men are exercising those skills more too, so I feel like this is an incredible medium for women to thrive in.  The fact that I do what I do is the product of my grandmother and my mother's fight for feminism and women's rights and I really feel like the web is playing to women's strengths, so I'm very hopeful about women's roles in society and you know. 

I live in San Francisco.  All of my friends are running companies or foundations or educators or making great strides in their work.  So I'm incredibly hopeful.  

In Their Own Words is recorded in Big Think's studio.

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