We ultimately need to change the global conversation from one of people complaining about problems to a mindset of solving them.  We’re empowered more than ever before to literally be able to solve the world’s biggest problems.  We’ve got the technology, the capital, the network, the collaboration to do that and so my mission is to ask people what are you working on, what do you want to solve in your lifetime because ultimately you can. 

I've seen it happen.  We have extraordinary companies, extraordinary philanthropists, extraordinary technologies making it happen and within our lifetimes if we choose, it’s by no means a guarantee, but if we choose we’ll be able to help every single person on this planet have their basic needs met, their energy, food, water, power, education, healthcare and to create a world of abundance, not a world of luxury, but a world of possibility. 

In Their Own Words is recorded in Big Think's studio.

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