Big Think’s readers include some of the brightest minds on the planet – well-informed people who have a great deal to say on just about every subject. Many of you have contacted us in the past with op-eds, essays, even entire, book-length manuscripts you’d like us to publish.  

Ideas Gone Wild is a new Big Think blog dedicated to your boldest, bravest ideas. We're looking for responses that challenge conventional wisdom, taking a familiar topic in a fresh new direction.

Each week, on Wednesday, we’ll solicit contributions through Facebook on a specific topic. You’ll email your responses to in either Word (doc or docX) format, or as an original webcam video (by and featuring you) uploaded to YouTube (send us the link plus an intro paragraph or two). 

We’ll pick the best or most intriguing response of the week and publish it the following Wednesday. 

For your entry to be considered, it must be: 

  • On the topic of the week
  • Unique and provocative
  • A mini-essay of not much longer or shorter than 700 words
  • Emailed to us as a Word document or a YouTube video link, at 
  • Sent to Big Think no later than 12 noon EST, the Monday following the Facebook announcement.
  • Free from profanity and/or bigoted attacks on any individual or group of people 
  • Written in grammatically correct English and clearly understandable to an educated non-specialist in the subject.  

We’re excited about this. Comment threads are all well and good, but Ideas Gone Wild will foreground your brightest ideas, right alongside those of our experts.

Week of: 8/15/12 - 8/22/12


Entries: no later than noon EST, 8/13/12


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