As many as half of us bring our work home with us regularly according to new research by the University of Toronto which describes “the stress associated with work-life balance”. “Researchers measured the extent to which work was interfering with personal time using data from a national survey of 1,800 American workers. Sociology professor Scott Schieman (UofT) and his coauthors Melissa Milkie (University of Maryland) and PhD student Paul Glavin (UofT) asked participants questions like: ‘How often does your job interfere with your home or family life?’; ‘How often does your job interfere with your social or leisure activities?’; and ‘How often do you think about things going on at work when you are not working?’ Schieman says, ‘Nearly half of the population reports that these situations occur 'sometimes' or 'frequently,' which is particularly concerning given that the negative health impacts of an imbalance between work life and private life are well-documented.’”