An extended and extra cold winter brought on by a gigantic asteroid strike was responsible for wiping the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth. Steve Connor, science editor at The Independent refutes claims by many that dinosaurs died out from general stupidity. He says the real reason they faced extinction 65 million years ago is that a collision with an asteroid blocked out the sun and made the conditions uninhabitable for them. “Arguments about the sudden demise of the dinosaurs – the largest-ever land creatures – have raged for decades with no conclusion. Now, an extensive investigation by 41 leading experts from around the world has found that the asteroid explanation is the only one that stands up to rigorous scientific scrutiny. The scientists reviewed more than 20 years of evidence from various scientific disciplines and found that the only serious contender to the asteroid theory – a series of massive volcanic eruptions – could still not account for the sudden disappearance of not only the dinosaurs but about half of all species that lived at the same time in prehistory.”