Eliot Spitzer is branded "disgraced" while David Vitter and Newt Gingrich are not. Glenn Greenwald at Salon asks what moral standards the so-called liberal media are applying. "When CNN recently announced that it had hired Eliot Spitzer to host a prime-time news show, I noticed that the word 'disgraced' was applied to him so reflexively that one had the impression it was a formal part of his title...So common is this appellation that a NEXIS media search reveals that the word 'disgraced' appears extremely close to the phrase 'Eliot Spitzer' a total of 394 times. By blindingly stark contrast, ever since he got caught hiring prostitutes while campaigning on the basis of Family Values, the word 'disgraced' appeared within two words of the name 'David Vitter' a grand total of 4 times."