World of Warcraft gamers are being encouraged to upgrade their Adobe Flash players after a glitch was discovered that could make their accounts vulnerable to hackers. “On the official WoW forums, a Blizzard representative writes: ‘A recent vulnerability has been discovered in popular web-content delivery program Adobe Flash, and it could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts’. There have already been reports by some players that accounts have been hacked in the last couple of days. Game Stooge's Jonah Falcon believes he was a victim of this particular hack: ‘My account's been hacked by keyloggers TWICE in the last 48 hours, even though my account was not active. Thankfully, I don't use a credit card for a WoW subscription - I use a Game Card,’ he writes on his website. World of Warcraft has been the target of hackers on many occasions since its launch in 2005 with phising websites proving to be successful way to steal passwords and account information. With valuable in-game items, gold and armour up for grabs which are often sold for real money to 3rd party websites, this latest vulnerability is yet another warning to WoW players to be vigilant to such activity.”