Washington has dismissed claims of responsibility by a Los Angeles-based terror group of involvement in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran yesterday. “’The idea that charged the United States with having anything to do with a murder in Tehran in absurd,’ Gordon K Duguld, Deputy Spokesman of the US State Department said late Tuesday. The American denial comes despite the fact the US-based monarchist group, the Iran Royal Association, declared responsibility for the terrorist attack only hours after the incident. It announced in a statement that it’s ‘Tondar Commandos’ were behind the assassination of Dr. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi. The obscure monarchist group, which seeks to re-establish the Pahlavi reign in Iran, operates a radio broadcast station in the United States and had previously stated that they were based in Los Angeles. Washington, however, denied any knowledge of the group's statements. ‘I'm unaware that this group has made any claim whatsoever,’ Duguld told the Press TV correspondent.”