What's the Latest Development?

Mitch Joel, president of digital marketing agency Twist Image, says that if you thought broadband changed everything, wait till you see what the streaming future of media holds for us. "We're getting very close to that moment in time when grabbing and watching videos will be as speedy and flow-perfect as grabbing your email. The biggest change is going to be that you won't have to really download anything, as all content will not only live in the cloud, but will be accessible to you on-demand."

What's the Big Idea?

Bandwidth is the new hard disk space. Joel says that as the Internet becomes the ultimate archive for all of our personal stuff (photos, emails, etc...) and is mixed with the full streaming of content, bandwidth will become the new hard drive. "This will be the big (and hard) media hurdle. To date, the cable and mobile carriers have made it difficult. Unlimited data through high speed and mobile access is an inevitability. Getting the content producers, hardware manufacturers and access providers to play nicely (and fair) is where the challenge lies."