The Clicks and Mortar of Online Sales

almost 4 years ago

What's the Latest Development?

Ecommerce now claiims 5-10% of retail spending and isn't just found on sites like We may be in a transitional phase like when early cars looked like horse carriages. Many current ecommerce websites are just better versions of catalogs. But a new crop (such as Square, Tesco’s QR/subway experiment, Apple’s self check-out) suggests a future where ecommerce is more of  of a “clicks & mortar” experience.

What's the Big Idea?

If your product doesn’t need to be touched or demonstrated and is relatively small, your retail footprint is going to shrink big-time. That may be bad news for retail clerks, but it's very exciting for entrepreneurs because it could become easier to sell products in places that you couldn’t previously.

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