The remains of an aircraft bomb have been uncovered allegedly contradicting Israeli claims that it hadn’t attempted to bomb a flour mill in Gaza during the conflict last year. “Israel last week submitted a 46-page response to a highly critical United Nations inquiry by South African judge Richard Goldstone, which accused both Israel and Hamas of 'grave breaches' of the fourth Geneva Convention. In the report, Israel claimed its forces abided by international law throughout the war last year and denied targeting the al-Badr flour mill in northern Gaza, which was severely damaged during the IDF's three-week offensive. But the UN mine action team, which handles ordnance disposal in Gaza, maintains that the remains of a 500-pound Mk82 aircraft-dropped bomb were found in the ruins of the mill last January. This evidence directly contradicts the Israeli report, which challenged allegations that the building was deliberately targeted and specifically stated there was no evidence of an air strike, The Guardian said.”