Five British sailors are being held captive by the Iranian Navy after their racing yacht possibly strayed into Iranian territories on its journey from Bahrain to Dubai. “The sailors were delivering the [vessel] ‘Kingdom of Bahrain’ to Dubai, where it was due to take part in an international race. It is thought the yacht was stopped by an Iranian gunboat and boarded last Wednesday, but the FCO issued a statement about the incident only last night, and admitted the boat may have strayed into Iranian territorial waters. It is believed that the FCO had wanted to keep the matter ‘private’ in order to increase the chance of a resolution. It is understood that negotiations have also been ongoing between Iran and Bahrain, which was a joint partner in the yacht project with the British businessman Andrew Pindar. The five being held in Iran were last night named as Oliver Smith, 31, from Southampton, Oliver Young from Plymouth, Sam Usher, Luke Porter and Dave Bloomer. The first four are all yachtsmen in their mid-20s to early 30s. Mr Bloomer is a Sports DJ for Radio Bahrain, believed to be in his mid-50s.”