The states of your house, household, and community vary greatly based on where you live. That's not a groundbreaking statement. We can all perceive differences; it's harder to conceptualize comparisons between nations and regions.

Have you ever wondered where your country stacks up against the rest? The folks over at ClimaDoor in the UK have come up with this nifty graphic to illustrate some relevant facts and stats. Some interesting takeaways:

1. New homes built in the UK are surprisingly small when compared to the rest of the developed world.

2. The average household size in Germany and the UK is less than half of that in Palestine.

3. If you think population density in London is high, maybe steer clear from Dhaka and Hyderabad.

It's a pretty neat visualization. Check it out below:

Infographic courtesy of ClimaDoor

(Image credit: ClimaDoor UK)

Everything mentioned above is drawn from data sources for the present and recent past. Below, architect Marc Kushner attempts to describe what your future household might look like. The Internet of Things is likely to change the way we live within our homes but, for now, shifts in how homes/developments are built are much more philosophical than technological: