Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has been ridiculed in the press for being caught with notes scrawled on her hands on more than one occasion when making public speeches. “They’re calling it the ‘Hillbilly Palm Pilot’. Sarah Palin’s detractors have been handed a new stick to beat her with: during her lucrative appearance at the first convention of the Tea Party, the former Governor of Alaska was caught sneaking a peek at notes she had scrawled on the palm of her left hand. The former vice presidential candidate breezed through a speech to delegates from the radical grassroots movement, mocking President Obama's heavy use of the autocue. ‘This is about the people. And it's a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.’ At the culmination of the speech, Mrs Palin took questions from the floor and here her political acumen was tested. A delegate asked what the top three priorities would be for a conservative Congress. ‘Reining in spending,’ was her first suggestion. Then, just as it seemed the answer was beyond her grasp, she surreptitiously peered towards her own low-tech auto-cuticles. The Wasilla palm-reader had written the words ‘Energy,’ ‘Tax’ and ‘Lift American Spirits’ on her hand. The phrase ‘Budget cuts’ was also scribbled there, but the word ‘Budget’ was crossed out.”