Former U.S vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has blasted popular animated TV show “Family Guy” after it apparently mocked her son who has Down Syndrome. “Palin's family called the creators of the show ‘heartless jerks’ after an episode in which a female character with Down syndrome said she was the daughter of an accountant and ‘my mom's the former governor of Alaska.’ Palin resigned as Republican governor of Alaska last year. Palin, who was recently hired by Fox News as a commentator, said in a posting on Facebook that the show, also aired on News Corp's Fox network, was a disappointment and ‘another kick in the gut,’ with her post receiving thousands of supportive messages. But instead of elaborating on her views on the show that appeared to mock her 22-month-old son Trig, she said she asked the oldest of her five children, daughter Bristol, to comment as her reply would be ‘more restrained and gracious.’ Bristol Palin, 19, said you have to develop a thick skin as the child of a public figure but insults at her youngest brother hurt too much to remain silent. ‘People with special needs face challenges that many of us will never confront and yet they are some of the kindest and most loving people you'll ever meet,’ Bristol Palin wrote in a statement on her mother's Facebook page. Bohlig had taken off a layer of clothing to cool down after reaching the summit and likely wasn't protected against subfreezing overnight temperatures, Cox said.”