James Duigan, founder of the London-based Bodyism gym, says you need to tame the psychological urges to make unhealthy eating choices before you can really take the next step toward taming your diet.

Duigan recently offered tips to The Telegraph as part of their "Detox Your Life" series. While there are only so many ways to repackage the "eat healthy" message, Duigan does make a point of advocating for locally-grown, seasonal, and organic foods:

"If you eat food in as close a state to what it was when it was running around a field or growing in the ground or on a tree, then frankly, you can’t go wrong."

When he's helping celebrities and supermodels get into shape, Duigan advocates for what he calls the 80:20 rule. It stipulates only 20% of the things you put into your body should come from a tin or similar packaging. So basically, stay away from processed foods. Duigan also suggests investing in a good blender/mixer to help get in the habit of eating well and preparing fresh meals.

But ultimately, the key to "detoxing your diet" is to detox your brain:

"If you have toxic thoughts around food you trigger behaviour that means you are more likely to reach for foods that don’t work for you."

Respect yourself and you'll find it easier to make good food choices, says Duigan. 

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Photo credit: Surgey Novikov / Shutterstock