From vegan condoms to solar powered vibrators, the Chicago Tribune goes out on a leafy limb to explain how to make your sex life more environmentally friendly. "Who says going green has to be a chore? Boost your green routine and libido with these simple and seductive steps for greener sex. Saving the Earth has never been so fulfilling. Oh do behave! Yes they do exist. Safe sex aside, make the switch and help save Mother Earth. Most condoms that you find in grocery stores or gas stations contain casein, which is a milk protein. Vegan means no animal proteins or byproducts were used in the creation of the product. There's no better and delicious way to boost that sex drive then to eat certain foods that, well, will give you an extra boost in that area. Wait, celery you say? Yup. Turns out celery packs a hidden and potent ingredient, adresterone, which is a hormone that imbues men with a subtle, sexy smell."