Google has launched "Google Bus Bangladesh," an educational program aimed at teaching 500,000 young Bangladeshis about the internet. Bangladesh is the world's 8th most populous nation yet many of its 157 million people remain offline. That's a lot of untapped potential.

You can watch the project's promo video below:

Jon Russell has a good write-up about the project over at TechCrunch. Google Bus Bangladesh represents an effort to (literally) hit the road and confer upon the nation's college students digital skills necessary to help the country take the next step toward a more innovative, tech-driven future. Russell notes that Google's business interest is certainly nakedly on display --more people using the internet is a good thing for them -- but the goodwill and potential benefits of program supercede any hope for monetary gain. 

"It’s doubtless true that the more people who use the internet or carry mobile phones is good for Google’s business — but, even still, initiatives like this are resource and time-intensive, and Google deserves credit for getting out there and trying to make a difference."

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Photo credit: Jorg Hackemann / Shutterstock