A blogger muses on a recent act of so-called “eco-terrorism” which he says “hit the wrong target” after activists committed arson on allegedly non-eco homes: “I’m not a fan of eco-terror. In fact, I think it is a very ineffective form of protest and gives environmentalists a bad name. For example, take the latest from radical enviro group, Earth Liberation Front, or ELF. ELF took credit for torching a couple of multi-million dollar homes in Woodinville, WA. Their spray painted message was, ‘Built Green? Nope black!’ The destruction was reportedly intended to dispute the green claims of the expensive houses. The houses, I’m guessing, were specifically targeted because they’re part of ‘Street of Dreams’ – an annual event where high end show-homes are built, furnished, toured by the public, then sold to rich people. (No one was living in these houses at the time because they were still on display.) Now, I’ll be the first to slam McMansions, irresponsible development and sprawl (as I have before in this blog). But I completely disagree with the ELF strategy in destroying this development because it isn’t green enough or because the houses were encroaching on wetlands.”