Poor, poor drones. All the hooplah over the past few years about drone warfare has led to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) getting a bad rap. But now, with the advent of new technology and relaxed FAA policies, UAVs have been afforded an opportunity to rehabilitate their image. And just like any Hollywood rags-to-riches story, it's the movies that are gonna' do it.

Angela Watercutter explores the new frontier of drone cinematography in a fabulous piece published today on Wired's spiffy, newly redesigned website. She first recounts her experience operating a 350 QX3 AP Combo drone, commenting on its accessibility and ease, then using its camera to take a "dronie," which is exactly what you think it is. Watercutter writes that the emergence of pilotless aircraft makes aerial and tracking shots like this one a whole lot easier. So easy, in fact, that there's an entire film festival this weekend dedicated to drone-shot films.

Movie studios and indie filmmakers alike can benefit from this sort of technology. Take, for instance, this fan film from last year -- Superman With a GoPro:

Check out Watercutter's full piece at Wired. It's well worth a look.

Photo credit: alik / Shutterstock