An inventor is claiming to have come up with a modern day Noah’s Ark – a durable container housing up to four people which could theoretically survive an apocalypse. “The Russian inventor has designed what he says is the key to human survival in the event of an apocalypse. It's an armoured pod that Evgeny Ubiyko says can house around four people for days and endure extreme temperatures, including lava. To him, the contraption is a modern day Noah’s Ark.” Dubbed the “Doomsday pod” a YouTube demonstration reveals the futuristic design “put together with all the fervor of a school science project”. It may look like some left-over bits of plumbing, metallic paintwork and a lot of gaffa tape, but in theory this contraption could be all there is left once the four horses arrive. The pod can float on lava and sink to the deepest depths, holding enough oxygen and water to keep any inhabitants alive. All the inventor needs now is investors to get the pod off the drawing board and into existence.