Talented ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro says the traditional Hawaiian instrument, which he learned to play at just 4 years of age, could make the world a less violent place to live in. "I've always believed it's the instrument of peace," he told CNN, "because if everyone played the ukulele, this would be a much more peaceful place." Shimabukuro achieved fame via YouTube after he posted videos of himself playing cover versions of Beatles’ songs, most notably "While my guitar gently weeps," which has achieved more than 4 million views. He also told CNN he is inspired by different martial arts and really enjoys being able to make big, complicated sounds with a small instrument. Talking about playing his two-octave string instrument he says: "You can't help but smile. You play one chord, and it makes everyone in the room smile." He likens it to the infectious sound of children laughing.