“Kadima Council chairman and former MK Haim Ramon on Thursday morning said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government should send a letter of apology to all the Israeli citizens for humiliating Israel in an unnecessary confrontation with Turkey. On Wednesday, in time with a Turkish-imposed ultimatum, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon sent an apology letter to the Turkish ambassador to Israel Oguz Celikkol. It came after Ayalon summoned Celikkol to the Knesset to express outrage over a new Turkish television show that depicts Mossad agents as baby-snatchers, and in a break from the diplomatic norm, invited the press for a photo-op, during which he was seen telling the cameramen to film him and his aide sitting on tall chairs, and the Turkish envoy on a lower chair, with the Israeli flag in the middle. In an interview with Israel Radio Thursday, Ramon said that the government should have acted intelligently and sensibly and not like a bull in a china shop.”