CNN examines the “frenetic pace” of former US president Bill Clinton’s life 24-hours after the Secretary of State’s husband underwent minor heart surgery. “[The] whole time I have known him – going back 20 years – he’s led a hectic life,” former Clinton adviser and CNN analyst David Gergen remarked. “[There] ought to be two Bill Clintons in order to keep up the pace he does. I think it has been especially relentless in the last few months.” Clinton has visited earthquake ravaged Haiti twice in the last few weeks in his capacity as a United Nations special envoy and he has been an active fundraiser for the disaster. It is believed that his recent hospitalization was not related to his work, diet or cholesterol levels but is instead a consequence of earlier surgery, a quadruple bypass on four blocked arteries, which he underwent in 2004. After his surgery, Clinton stepped up his advocacy for fighting obesity. In 2005, he announced he was partnering with the American Heart Association to fight rising childhood obesity rates.