What's the Latest?

By identifying demographic trends and the effects of new technology, researchers in Canada have identified possible new careers in the coming decades: (1) Garbage Designer: Someone who taps into the value of trash to design new products. "The world's landfills are largely untapped gold mines—literally and figuratively... They contain large amounts of valuable metals, plastics, glass, and more." (2) Simplicity Expert: Someone who acts as a consultant for businesses and individuals seeking optimize their use of space and resources. Instead of creating an assembly line, they will preserve mixed-skill workers, but declutter their processes.

What's the Big Idea?

We know several key things lie ahead for our planet: an aging population, climate change, a changing energy economy, immigration, and new personal technologies. Here are more professions to look for (and to get into ahead of the game!): (3) Healthcare Navigator: Someone who simplifies the increasing complexity of human institutions and the programs they create. (4) Telesurgeon: A medical professional who performs surgeries from afar. "[I]mprovements in robotics and network technologies would enable more...specialized procedures in places like remote northern communities — and on space missions!"

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