A Scottish terrier is America’s new “top dog” after Sadie the Scottie walked off with the title last night by winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. “The show for purebred dogs at Madison Square Garden in New York was briefly interrupted in the final minutes by two protesters. Two women calmly walked into the center ring and held up signs saying ‘Breeders Kill’ and ‘Mutts Rule.’ They were led away by security without incident. Sadie was the huge favorite, and a crowd of about 15,000 saw the 4-year-old earn her 112th best in show ribbon. Sadie beat out six other dogs in the final ring. Also in contention were a whippet, a French bulldog, a toy poodle, a brittany, a puli and a Doberman pinscher. Sadie kept her jet-black eyes completely focused on the prize. No, not the prospect of winning America's top dog show. She wanted whatever treat handler Gabriel Rangel was teasing in his mouth. Moments later, Sadie was on her way at Westminster. The monster favorite breezed past four would-be rivals Tuesday afternoon and walked off as the best Scottish terrier at Madison Square Garden. If the early win was a lock, it was hard to tell by watching Rangel.”