Micah Sifry

Co-founder & Editor, Personal Democracy Forum

Micah L. Sifry is co-founder and editor of the Personal Democracy Forum, a website and annual conference that covers the ways technology is changing politics, and TechPresident.com, an award-winning group blog on how American politicians are using the web and how the web is using them. In addition to organizing the annual Personal Democracy Forum conference with his partner Andrew Rasiej, he consults on how political organizations, campaigns, non-profits and media entities can adapt to and thrive in a networked world. In that capacity, he has been a senior technology adviser to the Sunlight Foundation since its founding in 2006.

Sifry is also the co-editor of Rebooting America, an anthology of writing on how the Internet and new technology can be used to reinvent American democracy (available online for free download at rebooting.personaldemocracy.com), co-author of Is That a Politician in Your Pocket? Washington on $2 Million a Day, author of Spoiling for a Fight: Third-Party Politics in America, and co-editor of The Iraq War Reader and The Gulf War Reader. His personal blog is at http://www.personaldemocracy.com/blog/micah_l_sifry.

Micah Sifry's Contributions