Maria Popova's Contributions
  • Braille-Inspired Design for The Blind

    The Braille system is one of design's most ingenious feats. Today, designers are using it to bring more ease and joy into the lives of blind people in everything from mundanity to playtime.

  • Rethinking Packaging

    How designers are revolutionizing product packaging, one of consumerism's most toxic and wasteful byproducts, by using smart engineering and innovative materials to dramatically lighten its carbon footprint.

  • 48 Hour Magazine

    A team of the print world's brightest innovators set out to write, photograph, illustrate, design, edit, and ship a magazine in just two days.

  • A Design Vision for Sight

    How designers are revolutionizing corrective eyewear with low-cost, durable, beautifully designed glasses for the developing world, where lack of access to vision healthcare presents an obstacle to anything from...