Kevin Morrison

Assistant Professor of Government, Cornell University

Kevin M. Morrison is an Assistant Professor in Cornell University's Department of Government,where he teaches classes on game theory and the politics of developing countries. His researchfocuses on the “resource curse,” the paradoxical finding in economics and political sciencethat countries rich in natural resources seem to be worse off economically and politically.He argues that the effects of natural resources are not necessarily unique—foreign aid, forexample, can have similar effects—but that certain institutions within countries can counterthese negative effects. He has published in several top journals in political science and wasthe winner of the 2009 Robert O. Keohane award for best article by an untenured professor inInternational Organization, the most prestigious journal in the field of international relations.He has consulted for the Center for Global Development and the World Bank, and his opinionsor commentary have appeared several popular media outlets, including The Financial Times, TheInternational Herald Tribune, and

Morrison is a Big Think Delphi Fellow.