Jason Gots's Contributions
  • Who Should You Trust on the Economy? Nobody, entirely.

    Common wisdom, even among 'experts', is often shaped by unconscious peer influence. This effect may explain why world economic leaders at Davos 2008 failed to predict the financial crisis and meltdown that...

  • History Remixed – The Quiet Audacity of Josh Ritter

    There’s nothing new about historical or literary references – artists have always used history as compost – but the pacing and logic of allusion these days feels somehow fundamentally different. The work of...

  • Fear vs. Growth

    Driven, achievement-oriented people are often particularly cautious about trying something new. At the same time, complacency is a sure-fire recipe for personal and professional atrophy; if we’re not moving...

  • The Brain Drain Game: Why Everybody Loses.

    As the Brain Drain Race between wealthy nations heats up, emerging countries will continue to lose any chance at economic stability, while wealthy nations lose potential partners and markets in the global economy. 

  • The Neuroscience of Success

    Neuroscience and psychology have identified willpower as essential to success in school and beyond. Like a muscle, it can be developed through exercise, and exhausted through overwork. 

  • Failure is not an option. It's a necessity.

    Playing it safe is no longer a career option for most Americans, if it ever was. And that's good news, in one sense: the downside of job security is that it dulls your appetite for risk, and your ability to learn...

  • There's a 20% Chance We're All Sims.

    Oxford University Philosopher Nick Bostrom argues that we may all be living in a computer simulation. Meanwhile, the world as we know it is becoming ever more virtualized. 

  • Live Long and Prosper! Longevity Tips from Billionaire T. Boone Pickens.

    83 year old T. Boone Pickens' C.V. reads like that of a small-to-medium-sized nation. How does he remain extraordinarily productive past the age when most people retire? 

  • Who's Your Octogenarian Role Model?

    80 is the new 40: With life expectancy and the retirement age creeping inexorably upward, how are you planning to spend your eighth decade? Starting a new company? Writing your memoirs? Or sitting in a lawn chair,...

  • Google Searches for Itself.

    13-year-old Google is going through a patch of mid-life anxiety. With upstarts like Facebook nipping at its heels, the company is shaking things up in an effort to stay ahead of the game.