Jason Gots's Contributions
  • Who's Your Octogenarian Role Model?

    80 is the new 40: With life expectancy and the retirement age creeping inexorably upward, how are you planning to spend your eighth decade? Starting a new company? Writing your memoirs? Or sitting in a lawn chair,...

  • Google Searches for Itself.

    13-year-old Google is going through a patch of mid-life anxiety. With upstarts like Facebook nipping at its heels, the company is shaking things up in an effort to stay ahead of the game.   

  • Margaret Cho's Top Five Up-and-Coming Female Comics

    In the male-dominated field of comedy, female comics need to stick together. In the spirit of solidarity, Margaret Cho names her favorite up-and-coming female performers. 

  • T. Boone Pickens: Wake Up, America! We're Fools Without an Energy Plan.

    By 2012, world markets will be demanding 90 million barrels of oil a day. The world currently produces 88 million. Our dependence on OPEC oil and non-renewable energy sources is an increasingly bad idea. 

  • You Are Not an Equation

    From stock trading to lawmaking to data-driven school reform, we are becoming increasingly dependent on mathematical models to explain the slippery complexity of human nature. 

  • School Politics: Who Speaks for the Children?

    In the case of education, the only question is - and always must be - what skills young people will need in the future to lead happy and successful lives, and how best we can ensure that they acquire them.  

  • The Perfect Burger? Try Liquid Nitrogen.

    The Master Chef, part-time Paleontologist, and former Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold, offers a scientifically-informed approach to the ancient human art of cooking.  

  • School Reform: Rise of the Machines

    With his appointment of Chris Cerf as Commissioner of Education, Chris Christie is rebuilding New Jersey public education using sweeping, data-driven methods that have been tested (and sometimes bitterly...

  • It’s a Big World, After All.

    The Web has sprung the lid on a Pandora’s Box of new human connections - mirroring and magnifying the best, the worst, and the ugliest aspects of our nature.  

  • Greed is Bad. Insatiable Ambition Might Get You the Job.

    Wise leaders like Gurbaksh Chahal create strong, adaptable organizations by hiring––and relying upon––driven entrepreneurs who share the core vision but have vivid dreams of their own.