Gregory Djerejian

Financial Services Expert, Philanthropist


Gregory Djerejian is a financial services professional, particularly active in commercial real estate and resort development, company acquisitions, and alternative investments. He also helps manage a philanthropic organization active in the Republic of Armenia. Previously, Djerejian worked, in collaboration with the U.S. State Department, on the "train and equip" program for the Bosnian Federation military and with the International Rescue Committee in the former Yugoslavia.Djerejian has been a keen follower of international politics for many years, having lived in ten countries and traveled to dozens more around the world. He has some expertise in regional issues (Caucasus, CIS, Middle East, Balkans, Western Europe), as well as international law and international organizations. He is fluent in French and conversant in Spanish and Russian. Djerejian was admitted as a term member to the Council on Foreign Relations and member of the New York State Bar. He serves as director of several entities, including a NY-based global macro hedge fund and various non-profit groups.