Chris Fussell

Author and Former U.S. Navy SEAL
Chief Growth Officer, McChrystal Group

Chris Fussell is the Chief Growth Officer at McChrystal Group, leading the business development, sales, and marketing teams. He and his team are responsible for identifying and growing McChrystal Group’s network and client base, and for positioning CrossLead as a 21st century leadership model and globally-recognized brand. Chris is an author of the firm’s May 2015 management book, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World.

Chris was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1997, and spent the next 15 years on US Navy SEAL Teams, leading SEAL elements in combat zones around the globe. From war-torn Kosovo, to counter-terrorism operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to highly specialized efforts in the troubled areas of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, he experienced and led through the modern evolution of the US military’s Special Operations community, first on SEAL Teams Two and Eight, then in the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

In 2012, Chris left the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in order to join the McChrystal Group. Prior to becoming Chief Growth Officer, he served as an Engagement Lead for a client engagement. Chris is also a Senior Fellow for National Security at New America, a Washington, DC-based non-partisan think tank dedicated to understanding the next generation of challenges facing the United States. Chris is actively involved in several non-profits dedicated to helping veterans and their families, and holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Chris earned a Masters Degree in Irregular Warfare from the Naval Postgraduate School, receiving the Pat Tillman Award for highest peer-rated Special Operations Officer in the program. His thesis work focused on the interagency collaboration and intelligence sharing processes that drove effective, cross-silo collaboration during the peak of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.